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Metroid Space Pirates Metroid Space Pirates

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

It was good BUT

Has several things that needs adjusted/fixed.

Hit detection- There were a few times where the enemy bullets were just flying through me without dealing any damage.

Controls - While simple, I'm sure some instructions would be appreciated by some, if nothing else item description. First stage I thought I was going for the usual Metroid upgrade and was rather surprised to find myself in a new level.

Attacking - while fairly well done, having the ability to shoot while jumping would be nice, not necessary as it does add a bit more difficulty, just a personal preference here. Also if I ended the stage facing left and tried to fire at the new stage before moving, I would fire left even though I spawned facing right.

Enemies - Need to be a little more aggressive, the scripting works but for the most part I can either easily avoid their attacks or just run past. Have it so if you run into the enemy they deal damage and/or knock you back and make it more difficult to jump over them.

Animation - I liked it, real smooth and it all looked very nice, but as bobjamin said, something to smooth out the transition between levels and definitely something for the end of the game. That said...

Ending - White screen, red text, got the point across but maybe some artwork (with artist's permission of course) or something else along those lines would be much, much better.

All in all, one of the better first attempts I've seen so far. While short it was fun, animation was very smooth and it gave a little room to explore, but it clearly needs more work and I wish you the best.

Shom42 responds:

I think I may be able to do that except for the bullets. I've spent hours trying to figure out why there are the times it doesn't work. The code for it I used seems fine. If you know anything about actionscript and you have any guesses let me know.